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This section contains information and advice for individuals and organisations overseas who are interested in how chip and PIN has worked in the UK, and how it will impact visitors to the UK.

Further details of the UK chip and PIN program can be found in the Reference Library.

Details of the consumer trial which took place ahead of the chip and PIN implementation can be found here, in the consumer section.

Case studies of retailer implementations of chip and PIN can be found here, in the business section.

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Who co-ordinated the chip and PIN roll-out?

APACS is the UK trade association for payments and for those institutions that deliver payment services to customers. It provides the forum for its members to come together on non-competitive issues relating to the payments industry.

APACS is the payments industry voice on a wide range of topics and the industry's representative in Europe. APACS forecasts payment trends, conducts market research, carries out lobbying activities, collates industry statistics, gets involved in developing industry standards and best practices.

One of APACS' key responsibilities is co-ordinating a whole range of activities to tackle payment-related fraud. One of the most visible recent initiatives has been the introduction of chip and PIN, which has been achieved hand-in-hand with the retail industry.

APACS works to develop and promote world-class standards for use in payments systems in the UK. At the heart of APACS' role is the need to ensure that the UK payments industry operates to the highest international standards and that payments are safe, reliable and resilient.

APACS has always overseen the process for delivering payment services, but in the lead up to the launch of Chip & PIN all aspects of Chip & PIN were handled by a separate group known as the PMO. The PMO was specifically set up to help launch Chip & PIN. In January 2005 the PMO disbanded and its functions were returned to APACS.

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