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News releases

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6 February 2007 APACS response to Watchdog and chip and PIN (PDF)


15 December 2006 2006, the year of I Love PIN (PDF)

14 August 2006 Six months on, UK is the world's first chip and PIN success story (PDF)

13 February 2006 Survival guide for the chip and pin changeover (PDF)

30 January 2006 Chip and PIN issues a timely Valentine's reminder for disabled cardholders (PDF)

24 January 2006 Cardholders reminded they can change their PINs to ensure they remember them (PDF)

24 January 2006 Retailers urged to remember to follow PIN pad prompts after Valentine's Day (PDF)

12 January 2006 The countdown begins! Four weeks left to chip and PIN deadline (PDF)

12 January 2006 Retailers urged to follow the terminal prompts (PDF)


19 December 2005 Putting the PIN into shopPINg this Christmas (PDF)

5 December 2005 New Chip and PIN research shows disabled cardholders have welcomed the new technology (PDF)

2 November 2005 Chip and PIN Programme publishes new advice guides for retailers (PDF)

9 October 2005 After 14 February 2006 chip and PIN cardholders must use their PIN to be sure they can pay (PDF)

4 August 2005 Don't get locked out this summer (PDF)

29 July 2005 More than 107 million chip and PIN cards issued (PDF)

26 May 2005 100 millionth chip and PIN card issued today (PDF)

11 February 2005 Half-term holiday advice from chip and PIN (PDF)

19 January 2005 Chip and PIN Programme hits end of year rollout targets (PDF)

10 January 2005 Chip and PIN gets off to flying start in 2005 (PDF)

4 January 2005 Chip and PIN Programme hails first weekend in 2005 a success (PDF)


30 December 2004 Beating the card fraudsters during the January Sales (PDF)

16 December 2004 Eight in ten retailers ready for the new way to pay (PDF)

December 2004 Dispelling the chip and PIN myths - cardholders (PDF)

December 2004 Dispelling the chip and PIN myths - retailers (PDF)

7 December 2004 Chip and PIN Countdown to Christmas (PDF)

23 November 2004 New staff training guide launched by the Chip and PIN Programme (PDF)

8 November 2004 Chip and PIN now 'part of everyday life'- Three quarters of cardholders have chip and PIN cards and are using them at half a million tills (PDF)

6 October 2004 Chip and PIN rollout gathers pace as two-thirds of cardholders have new cards (PDF)

15 September 2004 One year on - chip and PIN is the established way to pay in Northampton (PDF)
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August 2004 Chip and PIN barometer August 2004 (PDF)

23 August 2004 Chip and PIN roll-out on course to meet end of year target (PDF)

10 August 2004 Chip and PIN launches new memory campaign (PDF)

5 August 2004 Chip and PIN words of wisdom for point-of-sale staff (PDF)

15 July 2004 Chip and PIN Programme issues holiday PIN advice (PDF)

7 June 2004 Chip and PIN Programme launches new guide for businesses at Retail Solutions Show (PDF)

20 May 2004 Chip and PIN barometer May 2004 (PDF)

20 May 2004 Chip and PIN rollout gathers pace as major retailers make the move to safer shopping (PDF)

21 April 2004 New research shows disabled people welcome chip and PIN (PDF)

29 March 2004 Choosing the right Chip and PIN solution for your business (PDF)

15 March 2004 Chip and PIN barometer March 2004 (PDF)

15 March 2004 New advertising campaign launches for 'biggest change since decimalisation' (PDF)

6 February 2004 Londoners get to grips with Chip and PIN (PDF)

2 February 2004 Chip and PIN Kicks-Off UK City Shopping Centre Roadshow (PDF)

26 January 2004 First chip and PIN update shows steady progress (PDF)

26 January 2004 Chip and PIN barometer January 2004 (PDF)


22 December 2003 Politicians pin down card fraud (PDF)

2 October 2003 Plans for chip and PIN rollout announced (PDF)

11 September 2003 The Northampton Trial Report (PDF)

1 August 2003 First chip and PIN trial report launched (PDF)

24 July 2003 Chip and PIN at Scottish Convenience Retailing Show (PDF)

30 June 2003 Big high street names switch on to chip and PIN trial (PDF)

16 June 2003 One month in.. update on the chip and PIN Northampton trial (PDF)

3 June 2003 Get expert advice about implementing chip and PIN at stand J42 (PDF)

19 May 2003 First UK chip and PIN transactions take place in Northampton (PDF)

8 May 2003 Media invitation to launch of the chip and PIN trial in Northampton (PDF)

25 April 2003 Chip and PIN is coming: retailers need to start planning now! (PDF)

24 April 2003 Chip and PIN a major focus at Retail Solutions 2003 (PDF)

11 April 2003 Annual card fraud figures reach record high as chip and PIN introduced (PDF)

11 April 2003 Banks, building societies & retailers join forces for radical fraud-busting programme (PDF)

26 March 2003 Northampton public trial will start Spring 2003 - technology testing proving successful (PDF)

7 January 2003 New press office goes live (PDF)

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