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Paper Merchant   A merchant without electronic capability who accepts card transactions using paper vouchers.
Personalisation   Adding user specific application software and individual personal details to a card.
PIN   Personal Identification Number. A set of numeric characters, usually a four-digit sequence, used by the cardholder to verify identity at the point-of-sale or a customer activated terminal, such as an ATM. The number is generated by the card issuer using a secure computerised process when the card is first issued and may be changed by the cardholder thereafter (see PIN change).
PIN Change   The ability of a cardholder to select a different PIN to that generated by the card issuer by whatever means.
PIN Lock   The process by which a card is blocked from further use following a specified number of consecutive incorrect or unsuccessful PIN entries, typically three (see also PIN unlock).
PIN pad   The numeric pad into which a cardholder keys their PIN to authorise a transaction. PIN pads may be fixed or portable. PIN pads are also referred to as PIN Entry Devices (PED).
PIN Services   The services (PIN change and PIN unlock) provided to cardholders to enable them to manage their PINs. PIN change enables cardholders to change the PIN to something more memorable and offers reassurance where there is concern that their PIN may have been compromised. PIN unlock ensures that cardholders can quickly and conveniently re-establish access to card payments.
PIN Unlock   A process to unlock the PIN on the card. This will normally only be possible at an ATM.
Point-Of-Sale (PoS)   (or Point of Service) Location where a customer makes a purchase.
PMO   Programme Management Organisation responsible for co-ordinating the chip and PIN project on behalf of retailers, acquirers and issuers.
PoS Terminal   An electronic device used to accept and process card payments at point-of-sale.
PoS Transaction   A transaction that takes place at point-of-sale.
Pre-Payment Card   See Electronic Purse.
Public Trial   Used to describe the Chip and PIN Programme activity planned for 2003 in Northampton. The focus will be on trialing the operational, implementation and communication activities associated with the rollout of chip and PIN. It constitutes the first phase of the chip and PIN rollout.
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RFI   Requests for Information. Where an issuer requests an acquirer to supply details of a cardholder's specific transaction undertaken at a point-of-sale device.
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Skimming   The most prevalent form of counterfeit fraud whereby a genuine card's magnetic stripe details are electronically copied and put onto another card.
Stored-Value Card   See Pre-Payment Card.
Type Approval   The terminal Type Approval process is in place to create a mechanism to test compliance with the EMV Specifications. Type Approval provides an increased level of confidence that interoperability and consistent logical behaviour between compliant applications have been achieved.
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