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Abbreviation Description
AAC Application Authentication Cryptogram
AID Application Identifier
APACS Association for Payment Clearing Services
ARPC Authorisation Response Cryptogram
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATM Card Automated Teller Machine Card
ARQC Authorised Request Cryptogram
AVM Authorisation Verification Method
AVR Authorisation Verification Result
AVS Address Verification System
BHA British Hospitality Association
BCSB Banking Code Standards Board
BII British Institute for Innkeeping
BIN Bank Identity Number
BRC British Retail Consortium
CAD Card Acceptance Device
CAM Card Authentication Method
CAT Customer Activated Terminal
CNP Card-Not-Present
CTT Closed Technical Trial
CVM Cardholder Verification Method
CVR Cardholder Verification Result
DDA Disability Discrimination Act 1995
DES Data Encryption Standard
DRC Disabilities Rights Commission
EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer At The Point-of-Sale
EMV Europay; MasterCard; Visa
EMVCo EMVCo LLC Owner of EMV specifications
EPOS Electronic Point-of-Sale
FC Finance Committee
IAC Issuer Action Code
IAD Independent ATM Deployer
ICC Integrated Circuit Card
IFD Interface Device
IIN International Issuer Number
IMP Implementation Workstream
IPOS Integrated Point-of-Sale
IPP Integrated Programme Plan
ISC Implementation Steering Committee
ISO International Standards Organisation
JTF Joint Trial Forum
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCOL Lower Consecutive Off-Line Limit
MAC Message Authentication Code
MSP Merchant Service Provider
OLA Online Authorisation
OTT Open Technical Trial
PAN Primary Account Number
PED Pin Entry Device (also referred to as PINpad)
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIX Proprietary Application Identifier Extension
PMO Programme Management Organisation
PMS PIN Management Services
POI Point of Interaction
PoS Point-Of-Sale
PROG Programme
PSC Programme Steering Committee
PSO Programme Support Office
PT Public Trial
RFI Request for Information
RID Registered Application Provider Identifier
SCRW Smart Card Reader/Writer
SCSC Stakeholder Management and Communication Steering Committee
SMC Stakeholder Management and Communication Workstream
T&O Technical and Operations Workstream
TOSC Technical and Operations Steering Committee
TOSC WS Technical and Operations Steering Committee Workshop
TVM Terminal Verification Method
TVR Terminal Verification Results
UKIS UK ICC Specification
UPT Unattended Payment Terminal