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The Trial report

Read the final report on the Northampton trial in 2003 (PDF)
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Consumer feedback on chip and PIN

Customers taking part in the chip and PIN trial really loved the new system. They had very positive attitudes about the improved security chip and PIN offers and have found it very easy to use. Throughout the trial, independent market research was conducted to measure consumer attitudes. The research involved interviews at home where people were asked about their personal experiences and views. A number of targets were set for trial and these were exceeded. The areas covered in the market research included awareness, favourability and usage of chip and PIN.

Ease of Use

People who had used their chip and PIN cards to pay in Northampton overwhelmingly said it was easy to use with 98% saying so and only 2% disagreeing.


The research also asked people if they were in favour of the introduction of chip and PIN. Throughout the trial support grew from 73% saying they were "slightly" or "very much" in favour at the beginning of the trial to 83% saying the same three months later. Those "very much" in favour grew from 36% to 60% in the same period.

Knowledge of chip and PIN

Three months into the trial, only 17% of people in Northampton said that they knew nothing or very little about chip and PIN. This figure dropped throughout the trial from 26% in May. The number of people saying they knew a lot or a fair amount grew from 31% in May to 48% in July. Customers who had not yet received a chip and PIN card in Northampton were asked how they felt about using the new system in the future. The results were very encouraging for the rollout with 78% saying they were either positively looking forward to using it or prepared to use it, with a further 13% saying they wanted to know more first. Only 4% said they would not use it.


Awareness of chip and PIN grew very quickly in Northampton. Three months into the trial in July 2003, 89% of people said that they had heard of the new way to pay and 86% recognised the name "chip and PIN".