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If you represent disabled people - FAQs - Where you can use chip and PIN

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Where you can use chip and PIN

Where can I use chip and PIN?

Shops, pubs & hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and garages - in fact in most places where you can pay by credit or debit card - you will use chip and PIN.

As of August 2006, just six months after implementation, approximately 850,000 tills have been upgraded to chip and PIN, which represents 87 per cent of all tills in the UK. Over time, you will find that you will be able to use your new card(s) in more and more outlets all over the country.

At retailers that have yet to cross-over to chip and PIN, you will be asked to sign for your goods. However, this is made easy for you because the cards and tills themselves will recognise which is needed.

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Will I be able to use a PIN payment card abroad?

You can continue to use your cards overseas. UK chip and PIN cards that carry the international card scheme logos are accepted by overseas retailers and cash machines just as before chip and PIN. Where the country you are visiting has already upgraded to chip and PIN you will be asked to enter your PIN in the same way as you do in the UK. Where the country in question has not upgraded you will be asked to provide your signature instead. In France, although French customers use PIN already, UK cardholders may need to sign at a minority of retailers, whilst France is in the process of changing to the international standard.

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