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If you represent disabled people - FAQs - Unlocking your PIN

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Unlocking your PIN

What does it mean if my PIN is locked?

This means that the card cannot be used for a chip and PIN transaction until the PIN has been unlocked at a cash machine. This happens when the wrong PIN is entered three times in a row at a point-of-sale terminal PIN pad. You should be advised by the business if the PIN is locked and you should contact your card issuer who may arrange for a re-advice of the PIN if required.

Will I still be able to use my card if the PIN is locked?

If you remember your PIN you will be able to use the card in a cash machine and unlock the PIN. Whilst the PIN is locked the card may still be accepted at businesses that have not yet upgraded to chip and PIN technology.

How do I unlock my PIN or change it if I have forgotten it?

You should contact your card issuer. They may have to send you a new PIN or a re-advice of your PIN; you can then unlock your card at most UK cash machine.

How long does it take to unlock my PIN?

It should take no longer than a few seconds to unlock your PIN.

How do I find a cash machine that will offer
PIN change or PIN unlock?

Most cash machines belonging to your card issuer will support PIN unlock and PIN change. Your card issuer will be able to give you further guidance. A cash machine offering PIN change and PIN Unlock will have on their screen menu an option for PIN Services. This will appear once the card has been inserted and the PIN entered.

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