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If you represent disabled people - Northampton user trial

The Trial report

Read the final report on the Northampton trial in 2003 (PDF)
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Northampton user trial

Chip and PIN trial

Throughout the trial and rollout of chip and PIN the Programme has worked closely with groups representing disabled cardholders to ensure that they have all the information they need. This has involved one to one meetings with disabled groups, regular disabled group forums and advertorials in publications read by disabled cardholders.

As well as regular dialogue with disabled cardholders the Programme has carried out 5 waves of research with disabled cardholders over the last 18 months. This quantitative and qualitative research has involved around 800 cardholders and has investigated the views of disabled cardholders to issues surrounding chip and PIN.

  • 83 per cent of all disabled chip and PIN cardholders questioned found chip and PIN as easy or easier than signing
  • Similar levels with visually impaired respondents (74 per cent) and mobility impaired (80 per cent) found chip and PIN as easy or easier than signing
  • 79 per cent older cardholders (65+) found chip and PIN as easy or easier
  • 70 per cent of all chip and PIN cardholders prefer chip and PIN to signing
  • The survey found that 79 per cent of respondents with a chip and PIN card found remembering a PIN easy