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If you represent disabled people - What chip and PIN means to those you represent

Advice for disabled cardholders

Since Valentine's Day 2006 cardholders must use their PIN to be sure they can pay with a chip and PIN card, and should not expect to be able to sign. However there are a couple of notable exceptions, including any disabled cardholder who is using an alternative, most likely a chip and signature card, because an impairment prevents them from using PIN, will also continue to sign for goods now and in the future. Any disabled cardholder who has a chip and PIN card and is unable to use a PIN should contact their card company now and request a chip and signature card.

If you or any of your members have any queries about chip and signature cards, or any concerns about their acceptance, please get in touch with us using our contact form.

Disabled drivers

Since 14 February cardholders must use their PIN to be sure of being able to pay with their chip and PIN cards. This does not affect anyone whose card has yet to be upgraded, or customers who have been issued with a chip and signature card. They will always continue to sign.

However, disabled chip and PIN cardholders who are unable to leave their car on a petrol forecourt will continue to be able to sign at some petrol retailers who have special procedures in place.

You can check with any petrol station to confirm their individual arrangements.


For more information please see the frequently asked questions for disabled cardholders