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If you accept card payments - Retailer Materials

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Retailer Materials

The introduction of chip and PIN as a new, more secure way to pay isn't just about rolling out the technology, it's also about making sure all staff at point-of-sale are confident about using chip and PIN and answering customer queries. A set of materials has been developed to help retailers implementing chip and PIN in their stores - click on the links below for hints and tips from other retailers and useful publications.

These documents are in PDF format for printing, and copies can be downloaded free of charge. (Please note, the PDF documents open in a new browser window).


Advice and information guides for retailers

Quick Staff Guide to chip and PIN (PDF)

This provides top tips and answers to frequently asked questions and is designed to assist retail staff in responding to customer queries on chip and PIN around 14 February 2006 .

Staff Training Presentation (PDF)

This guide is designed to help retailers train their staff to be ready for 14 February 2006.

Customer Leaflet (PDF)

This explains what chip and PIN is and how it works. It provides customers with tips for remembering their PIN and answers frequently asked questions.

Customer care guide (PDF)

This contains information on helping customers at the point-of-sale and on privacy and accessibility.

The chip and PIN Guide to Remembering Your PIN (PDF)

Hints and tips on remembering your PIN, including changing your PIN to one that is easy to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wide range of questions on chip and PIN, with easy to follow answers and advice to help staff in responding to customer queries.

If you have any questions, please contact the chip and PIN programme at