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As of 2006 this site is no longer being updated. Click here for links to more up-to-date information


The path to chip and PIN

This path to chip and PIN has been specifically designed for businesses who own their own point-of-sale equipment to give guidance on the activities to consider throughout the implementation of chip and PIN.

Timescales for the completion of each step in the process will depend upon complexity and size of the business, and the focus on each activity will vary for each different type of business.

1. Establish the facts: You should talk with your acquiring bank if they have not already contacted you. They will advise and help you to understand how chip and PIN will affect your business and the steps you need to take.

2. Speak to suppliers: You should also speak to as many hardware and software suppliers as you can, so you understand at an early stage what solutions they have available and which will suit your business. Different types of trading environments require different solutions.

3. Contact your trade association: It is also worth contacting your trade association which will be able to give you guidance and share information about what other retailers are doing and what is working well. (See Useful Links for some trade association websites).

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