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Chip and PIN accessibility issues

Following consultation with the UK's largest retailers, banks and the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) a retailer guide- the "Retailer Route Map for Accessibility"- has been developed. This guide highlights the issues that retailers need to consider when developing and implementing their chip and PIN solution. This can be obtained by clicking on the following link.

The Retailer Routemap to Accessibility helps retailers consider accessibility questions, such as:

  • To what extent do you currently provide equal access to products or services for disabled customers?
  • To what extent have you considered disability guidelines in the definition and design of your chip and PIN requirements?
  • What discussions have you had with your equipment supplier to identify and include accessible features in your chip and PIN equipment?
  • To what extent have you considered the position of chip and PIN equipment at the point of sale so it is accessible to disabled customers?
  • In what ways does your staff training programme highlight the needs of the disabled (both staff and customers) and build skills and familiarity in dealing with disabled customers at the point of sale?

If you need more information regarding chip and PIN accessibility, please contact your merchant service providerthe, the Disability Rights Commission or relevant disability organisations.