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In planning the implementation of chip and PIN there are a number of key areas to consider. To assist businesses in implementing chip and PIN systems as successfully as possible, the Chip and PIN Programme has produced a variety of support materials. These use the experience of businesses that participated in the Northampton trial, to provide detailed information on how to avoid some of the potential pitfalls and how to plan for and implement chip and PIN realistically.

The key lesson, from the Northampton trial, is the need to start early. Time is a crucial factor. Allowing enough time for planning, testing, approvals, training and implementation is critical to success. Businesses have learned that there is a set of typical activities to consider in planning but the focus on each will vary for different businesses. So a smaller business adopting a simple solution may be able to implement chip and PIN in 12 to 14 weeks. For larger organizations with more formal project and budgeting processes and the need for a tailored solution, the process is likely to take 30 weeks.

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