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As of 2006 this site is no longer being updated. Click here for links to more up-to-date information


The path to chip and PIN

Your acquirer will be sending you information to help you understand how chip and PIN will affect you and the steps you need to take. They will inform you of the date when your equipment is to be upgraded.

Some areas to consider in advance:

  • Where to position the PIN pad at the point of sale for maximum customer confidentiality
  • Access in your shop to make sure that disabled people can use chip and PIN easily and safely
  • Practical issues such as the length of wire needed for PIN pads with cords or whether a mobile solution would be appropriate
  • Make sure that CCTV cameras will not directly overlook the PIN pad as customers enter their PIN
  • How to train staff. You can get a range of useful information from your acquirer or from the training section on this website
  • Get ready to answer your customers' questions. There is a useful customer leaflet that you can download in Telling Your Customers.

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