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The Trial report

Read the final report on the Northampton trial in 2003 (PDF)
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Work effectively with everyone involved

A business implementing chip and PIN needs to work with a range of other organisations and it is critical that communication is very clear between all parties concerned. Key participants in the chain are: the business, technology suppliers and the acquirer (also known as the acquiring bank).

It is important that businesses meet their hardware and software suppliers early to define requirements and to plan a detailed schedule for implementation. There is a possibility that if all businesses wait to implement chip and PIN that there will be a bottleneck in supplier capacity and this could affect the ability of some businesses to implement chip and PIN within the required timescale.

The acquirer should also be involved from an early stage. Acquirers will be dealing with many businesses through the national rollout phase and it is essential that businesses understand the approval process and pre-requisites that apply to them. This will enable acquirers to plan and commit the necessary resources and will minimise rescheduling and delays.

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