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The Trial report

Read the final report on the Northampton trial in 2003 (PDF)
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Outcomes of the Northampton Trial

The three month trial in Northampton was a success. By the end of the trial more than 200,000 PIN enabled credit and debit cards had been issued and around 1,000 outlets, including shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and petrol stations took part.

Customers in the trial really loved the new system. People who had used their chip and PIN cards to pay in Northampton said it was easy to use, with 98% saying so and only 2% disagreeing. In some instances customers expressed frustration when they could not find more shops where they could use chip and PIN.

At both stand alone terminals and integrated point-of-sale systems, transaction times were very satisfactory. Customers learnt quickly and trial experience shows that typically by their third transaction they were confident and able to anticipate the PIN pad prompts. Once staff and customers get used to it, chip and PIN appears to be quicker than signing.

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