This website was developed to help launch chip and PIN in the UK. As of 2006 the information on this site is no longer being updated, but has been retained in its original form to serve as a reference for other countries yet to roll out chip and PIN.


For Media

For any media enquiries about chip and PIN, please contact the press office of The UK Cards Association. Contact details can be found here:

Card fraud prevention

If you are interested in more information about card fraud prevention initiatives, including chip and PIN, please visit

Overseas banks

For those overseas banks that either issue cards under one of the international card schemes, or acquire such transactions, we can provide further information on the UK experience. This information should be available via your card scheme contacts. However, if you are having difficulty obtaining it, please contact us at, giving full details of your organisation, and your interest in chip and PIN.

The UK Cards Association

APACS Card Payments Group and its members were instrumental in the development of chip and PIN and making the UK was the first country in the world to complete the rollout of this global standard. The APACS Card Payments Group has been replaced by The UK Cards Association