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The path to chip and PIN - Steps 10 to 14

10. Develop a business case for your various options: This should identify and evaluate both costs and benefits at a level suitable to your business.

11. Decide and document your requirements: Produce a specification and shortlist suppliers.

12. Go out to tender: A shortlist would normally be 2 to 3 companies. Negotiate and agree the price, timescale and terms. Ensure that the hardware and software products offered are certified by EMVCo LLC, Owner of EMV specifications (EMVCo) or that you are comfortable with supplier plans to achieve this certification.

13. Solution development and approval: Design, code and test in-house system changes, if appropriate. Set up an internal pilot of the new systems. Test the system internally for technical and operational issues and establish any pre-requisites for acquirer acceptance testing. Conduct acquirer acceptance testing and ensure your system is type approved.

14. Roll out and implementation: Conduct a live pilot. Adjust processes and systems according to the results of the pilot. Update store procedures, operating guidelines and new staff training to include chip and PIN. Train staff and roll out the new system across all your stores.

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