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If you accept card payments - Telling your customers

Telling your customers

We have created Point of Sale (POS) material that you can use in your business to tell your customers that you are now using chip and PIN.

We have also written a leaflet that you can give to your customers if they arrive at the till with their new chip and PIN cards and are not sure what they need to do. It explains what chip and PIN is and how it works.

To read or preview any of this material, please open the relevant PDF file (all PDFs open in a new browser window). The POS material comes in a variety of formats for you to choose from; simply right-click the link with your mouse and select "Save as" or "Save target as" to download each file to your local computer (please note, some of the POS files are very large and may take some time to download). Before downloading any of them, please read the Usage Guidelines (PDF), which set out how you may use the POS material.

You can produce as many copies as you need. If any of the material is not sufficiently high resolution for your printing requirements, please contact us by clicking on "Ask a question".

To view a PDF file you need to have Adobe Acrobat reader on your machine. Get Acrobat reader.